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As part of European Health Technology, our organization has provided over 1.3 million Covid Tests and Scans to customers from all over the world. We are proud to have developed the CertiFly App which is the most popular AI powered Covid Test Scanning platform in Europe having been downloaded by over one million customers in just 16 weeks!
Our latest development brings together Telemedicine and Testing and will assist with travellers going to the USA or any other countries where live Health Care Professionals are required for verification of testing. With more than 14 PCR Testing Machines in our labs at Heathrow airport, we are one of the largest providers of Fit To Fly and Day 2 testing.
Our objective has always been to make testing more affordable and as a result of our innovation and continued investment in R&D, our technology has been adopted by some of the largest diagnostic in Europe including Randox Diagnostics. With more than 100 staff around the world, CertiFly is supported by more than 60 Health Care Professionals and accepted for travel by airlines throughout the world.
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We continuously aim to innovate and improve Covid Testing processes and bring new methods of testing to our customers so that they will not find it too stressful and time-consuming.


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Being a customer focused enterprise, we take great pride in succesfully delivering solutions for our customers to overcome the challenge that the Covid pandemic has brought upon them.


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Adding our own laboratories with state of the art diagnostic services to our repertoire, we have reduced significantly, the processing time of the test samples and releasing of the results.

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